Figtek – 1530 Fiber Metal Cutting Machine 2000W

From: $63,900.00


  • Working Size: 1500mm x 3000mm
  • Cutting Head: Raytools
  • Fuji Servo Motor
  • Taiwan HIWIN Guide Rails
  • Reducer: France Motovalia
  • Pneumatic Part: Taiwan Air Tec
  • Cooling Way: Hanli Water Chiller
  • Voltage:380V/50HZ,3 Phase
  • Watts: 2000W
  • AC Servo Motor and Driver
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Data Base
  • External optical path and cutting head
  • CNC Control and Software System
  • High-precision linear guide transmission system
  • Electrical Components and Pneumatic Systems
  • CYPCUT CNC Control System
Figtek – 1530 Fiber Metal Cutting Machine 2000W


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Customer reviews


Wayne B.

Figtek Fiber Laser 2kw Love it Work Horse running for over a year.

Bought the Fiber Laser from Figtek. Been running it non stop. Absolute beauty of a machine. bought this under 50k yes a fiber laser under. I moved from a plasma machine to this and now when I look back I cant seem to think how did I manage to cut on a plasma. I can write a long list of whats good about this machine but i think it would be far more shorter if I typed out what I would like to improve on this machine. The extraction system needs to be improved. I would love to have a portable screen and this is fixed on the right hand side of the machine. And thats it… everything else is spot on.


Vincent Smith

Figtek 1530 Fiber Laser 2kw Very good price and Quality Highly Recommended
About 4 years ago I bought a plasma from these guys. Had no issues. They quoted me install and delivery.
After work picked up I called them and told them about the issues I was having. After a long chat with Sean he made me realise that a fiber laser was going to work out better for the type of work I was in now. They helped me sell the old plasy and setup the new fiber all in under a months time. 3 years later im still running the machine at least 12 hours a day without any hicups. Now I want the 6kw. Maybe very soon. They have made the prices very affordable.


Nav Purba

Highly recommended figtek co2 lasers. I bought one from them months ago. Got everything installed and training provided by them. Still worked out cheaper than elsewhere including installation. Support has been good. Yes Sean wasn’t always available on calls but whenever I texted or emailed I always got a reply almost instantly. Quality of the machine is beautiful. Check them out. I have no issues recommending their machines. Anyone here wants to check out the machine is more than welcome to.


Shin Wolford

Highly recommended!!


Natasha Kirk

I purchased a router from Figtek to complete work for a number of contracts in designing and building prototypes. After shopping around for a while, I noticed the prices were comparatively much lower than the other quotes I received. Saw their machines up close in action and they’re amazing in performance. The router is hands down the best, most heavy-duty machine I’ve used. Sean answered all the heaps of questions I had sent via email and also provided us with all the photos and videos of machine leading up to delivery. Much cheaper, gets the job done extremely well with quality parts.


Mike Wheeler

I was searching for a router with the atc and couldn’t find any that were within my budget. Although I was busy most of the time, Sean did an amazing job in getting me the machine I require for my work. He always answered calls time and again to help out. If you’re looking for a cnc Figtek is your shop.




Our school bought a 1325 CNC machine from Figtek almost two years ago.
The machine is fantastic, well built and we have had no issues apart from a very minor one that was attended to quickly by Tom and the team at Figtek.
The machine represented outstanding value. It is powerful and while we have used it extensively it is still working well inside its capabilities.
It boasts quality components and the build is rock solid.
Tom was outstanding to deal with. He arranged shipping to our school and the after sales follow up has been great. Tom delivered on time and the whole process worked seamlessly.
We certainly would endorse Figteks products. We use similar technologies at our school extensively and would have no hesitation in dealing and purchasing through Figtek again.


Toryn Greans

Sean was absolutely amazing, saved my self a lot of trouble. His knowledge and experience with CNC machines are fantastic. The Figtek CNC machines are great quality and theire price was very reasonable. Highly recommend them . I got the complete package the machine was delivered installed and we got free training as well .


Madushanka Mendis

I was about to purchase a CNC machine little less capable compared to Figtek 1325 ATC for cost at nearly 3 times higher. But after received the machine at my door step in Feb 2020 completing the first job, I was witnessed that made the right choice.
Tolerances were more critical for the jobs I was performing. Figtek 1325 ATC had outstanding quality same as USA machines I used to use. Even though I placed the order with a deposit Early December machine didn’t arrive till Feb 2020 due to COVID19, But Shaun always sent me manufacture progression videos and kept me posted.
Review took me a while as I didn’t have any break from the day it landed. Appreciate their after sale services and updates of new features. So excited to see CO2 laser head to swap with the router.


Mike Wilson

Bought a plasma cutter from sean and after about 3 months of use, I can tell that this is undeniably, the best plasma machine in the CNC class. After Sean driving us around to see other customers this cleared a few things up and we were confident to get a machine from them. Everything about it is very well thought out and executed beautifully. It’s VERY rigid and perhaps the sturdiest machine available at this price range. Precision, Speed and reliability are at an all-time high in my shop now. Checked machines under power and they take care after sales issues too. will do more business for sure!!