Portable Plasma Cutter

FIGTEK Portable Plasma CNC Machine With LGK Plasma Source

$6,000.00 $5,999.00 inc. GST


✓  Portable plasma CNC machine

✓  LGK 120A plasma generator

✓  Working area : 1.5m x 3m x 1.5m x 3m

✓  38 preset shapes installed

✓  Torch height controller

✓  Includes 120A straight plasma torch

with industry standard fittings

✓  Includes OXY cutting torch head

✓  Easy to use graphic interface

✓  Comes with STAR CAM program for drawing

and nesting your own shapes

✓  Bonus USB drive with ready to cut files

✓  OXY/LPG cutting upgrade including oxy and LPG regulators,

3 meter hose and 3 cutting tips, valued at over $200!

FIGTEK Portable Plasma CNC Machine

We have been in the market searching up CNC machine for over 3 years now. And we couldn’t find an industrial CNC machine full size for less than $20,000.00. Then it clicked, let’s start making our own and help others like us who want the best quality but that’s not going to cost us an arm, legs, lungs etc.

We started our journey around a year and a half ago and we have sold a few to happy customers. We have now learnt a lot tips tricks and best of all, what’s good quality products.

All our CNC machines are made by qualified engineers and qualified electricians where safety is our utmost concern. Our CNC machines go through strenuous tests over tests to make sure quality is above industry standards

We provide a full 24-month Australia wide warranty with ongoing training and 24/7 support.


  • It can be moved easily from place to place
  • Lightweight and can be carried anywhere by car easily
  • Occupies less work space


  • Superior quality components and external ports
  • Longer service life
  • Non-corrosive
  • Proven system reliability


  • Standard torch height control
  • Built-in library of figures
  • Break-point & power-cut restoration
  • Microcontroller based digital design


  • Effective solution for manufacturing business
  • Great for advertising, mold, metal industry


  • Guiding system of cross beam
  • Cutting head does not decline
  • Supports nesting


  • Graphic display function
  • Cuts automatically with high precision
  • Efficient, smooth, accurate plasma process
  • Superior cutting and piercing speed

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