Figtek 3015 ATC Router with T-Slot Vacuum Table

$45,000.00 inc. GST


✓ Working size: 3000×1500×200mm

✓ T slot vacuum table

✓ Leadshine 1.5KW servo motor & driver 1500W

✓ NC Studio NK300 control system

✓ 9.0kw air cooling spindle

✓ Spindle speed 25000rpm/min

✓ Cutting speed 30m/min

✓ Z tool sensor

✓ 12 pcs disc ATC and 12pcs tool holders

✓ XYZ Taiwan Hiwin 30 linear rails

✓ Software: Artcam

✓ 5.5kw 250cbm/h vacuum oil pump

✓ Dust collector

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Figtek 3015 ATC Router with T-Slot Vacuum Table


  • Linear tool changer, 12 tools are automatically switched, saving time and improving production efficiency
  • High power air cooling spindle, it can make the machine work with higher precision and have a longer service life
  • High precision servo motor and driver, the machine has a stronger engraving ability
  • Vacuum & T-slot working table enables more stability

Linear Automatic Tool Changer

  • Linear tool changer position can be changed
  • Faster tool changer that saves tool changing time
  • Rigid construction, high accuracy
  • Prolonged service life


  • Cleaner working environment without automatic with dust collector unit
  • Longer lifespan of machine’s mechanical parts


  • Wooden furniture : doors, windows, chairs, tables
  • Plate processing: stairs, epoxy resin, insulation parts
  • Decorate industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, soft and plastic metals

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