Figtek 3 Axis Cantilever WaterJet


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  • Ultra-High-Pressure Water Pump
  • Water Pump Size: 1620mm x 1580mm x 1450mm
  • 3 Axis Cantilever Working Table with TBU Ball screw and Guide way
  • Cantilever Table Working Area: 2800mm x 1800mm x 900mm
  • CNC Cabinet with MaterCam and Servo Drive
  • Electrical Signal Control Intensifier Reversing
  • Fully Automatic NC System Cutting
  • Automatic Abrasive Feeder – Size: 950mm x 950mm x 1050mm
  • Orifice Cutting Head with Cutting Angle: +/- 5º

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Please note :- This product page provides a standard setup and corresponding price, serving as a guideline. However, we offer custom-made orders tailored to meet each customer’s unique demands and requirements. For a personalized quote, please contact us directly.


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