Figtek-1390 CO2 Laser Metal and Non Metal Machine 180w

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  • Working area:1300*900mm
  • RECI W6 180W laser tube
  • Guide way: Hiwin Square track
  • Leadshine stepper motor/driver
  • Ruida control system
  • Water chiller CW5200
  • 550W Fan./160W Air pump
  • Up & Down Table
  • Honeycomb & Blade Knife table

Figtek-1390 CO2 Laser Machine 180w


  • Laser power testing in any corner to ensure best cutting quality
  • 100% quality check for our incoming parts
  • Perfect design,accurate, high- speed cutting
  • Tested by cutting samples before delivery error allowed is 0.1mm


  • Advanced control system that makes machines to cut rapidly
  • Hiwin rail ensures high speed, smooth running, no noise
  • Stable and smooth movement of the machine
  • Application of driver ensures fast speed and high accuracy
  • Constant current regulator power components


  • Cutting and engraving on glass, cloth, leather, acrylic, wood, PVC, MDF etc.,
  • Packaging and printing industry
  • Cloth processing, large cut, furniture, cloth, shoe, advertising industry etc.,
  • Wood art work, home decoration, doors, windows

Easy Maintenance

  • Self-lubricating
  • Less time and low cost maintenance
  • Non-corrosive

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