FIGTEK 6015 Advertising CNC Router

$8,650.00 inc. GST


✓  Groove steel structure

✓  Working area:600 * 1500mm * 200MM

✓  Water Cooling Spindle 2.2KW

✓  China Stepper Motor & Driver & Reducer

✓  T-Slot Table

✓  DSP A11 Control System

✓  Taiwan 20 Hiwin square rail

✓  Omron Limited Switch

✓  Fuling Inverter

✓  Automatic oil injection system

✓  Transmission:X Ball Screw &Y Rack and Gear;Z Axis TBI Ball Screw

✓  Artcam Software

✓  Position Cylinder/Tool Sensor

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FIGTEK 6015 Advertising CNC Router

High Quality

  • High-precision numerical control
  • Perfect design and top quality industrial fittings
  • Accurate, high- speed cutting
  • Breakpoint specific memory


  • Robust
  • Stable and smooth movement of the machine
  • Application of driver ensures fast speed and high accuracy
  • High power spindle, brushless, Air cooling, working vigorously with low noise


  • Milling, 3D cutting and engraving on acrylic, wood, PVC, MDF etc.
  • Furniture processing industry
  • Wood art work, home decoration, doors, windows

Easy Maintenance

  • Self-lubricating
  • Less time and low cost maintenance
  • Non-corrosive

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