1390 CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine – Version 2

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  • Red light position
  • RECI W6 150W laser tube
  • Guide way:Hiwin Square track
  • Yaskawa / Leadshine stepper motor/driver
  • Ruida 6445G Control System
  • Water Chiller CW5200
  • 550W Fan
  • Air Compressor
  • Up & Down Table
1390 CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine – Version 2

1390 Technical-parameters

1390 square-rail



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Customer reviews


Troy T

Robust CNC Machine CO2 1390 150w Happy Happy Happy

I bought a Figtek 1390 Co2 – I was fortunate enough that they had one in stock . Made payment on Tuesday and it was delivered, installed and up and running on Wednesday! The next day . Love it ! Really happy with the machine as soon as I saw it. A year later and it’s still running perfectly fine. I have called them twice to perform its service on the machine and they came within 24hours after I made the booking. I did have one issue with the machine, everytime I would run it for over 6 hours straight, I noticed the water Chiller would struggle to keep the temperature down. After speaking with Sean, he advised to upgrade to the next size up for the water Chiller or give it a 20min break. I followed that and yes, the temperature seems to stabilise. I would recommend checking them out. Initially I requested to see one in operation, but they didn’t have any demos, they said they find it hard to get a customer to show their machine. I have offered my co2 to showcase so if anyone out there wants to check it out, please contact me I’m happy to have a QUICK chat over the phone. I’m in Geelong Victoria.


Robert John

We purchased a laser cutter and it’s amazing!!!
Always wanted to get my hands on a laser cutter since quite a few years. The journey to get one has been hard work, but as they say it definitely pays off. The machine is fast and is much more productive than I had anticipated. After using it for a while, it has proven to be reliable and gets the job done. After receiving multiple quotes from various suppliers, we can say Figtek is much cheaper than the rest. After Sean helping us out with training us over the phone and getting things sorted out for us right from installing, commissioning and having it tested especially during the lockdowns has been a great deal of support for us to get started to be up and running.