OUR STORY – When we first started out, we used to outsource our CNC cuts to 3rd party companies, the wait time was a min of 4 weeks. We needed a quick turn around time than that. So we decided to import a CNC machine and do it ourselves. Once we got the machine, we then realised it was way too big for our little workshop and not to mention the low quality parts and major operational functions missing when we imported from China. We decided to then sell the machine and get a smaller one, and we did this by selling it on eBay. We upgraded the machine and then sold it as we didn’t feel it was right to sell it as is. Once we had this advertised, we noticed a huge amount of enquiries and saw an opportunity. From then we have learnt a lot and now manufacture and sell quality machine that don’t cost you an arm and leg. Since then we have sold over 100s of machine Australia wide. We also are a end to end fabrication company, that can bring your ideas to life. Everything from designing, Graphic designing, IT software, Printing, Vinyl wraps, photobooth, jukebox etc . We have a wide knowledge and we can surly bring our expertise in these fields.