About Us

What is figtek?

Figtek is a group of small niche Australian businesses that complement and support each other to create a vast array of solutions for all of its client’s needs.


Figtek Industry

Figtek Industry is another great example of a custom solution to a problem. It all started in early 2014. Our fabrication branch; Figtek Fabrication was experiencing explosive growth but was becoming increasingly disrupted due to our supply chain. At that time, we had been outsourcing our cutting and machining (CNC work) to 3rd party companies for the previous 10 years. This was great in the beginning, but it was also difficult to manage. We found that after changing services providers many times that the story was much the same; wait a minimum of 4 weeks and pay roughly the same (it always seemed too much or more than quoted).

We needed a much faster turnaround, greater control of our products and we had a strong desire to make our products more competitive, the solution was to get our own CNC machine. After a year of research and many enquiries, we found that locally available machines while impressive were way too sophisticated and cost way more than we could afford! So, we decided to try our luck and import a CNC machine of our own to enable us to bring down fabrication times and make our products more adaptive to the market and competitive in price.

Our first CNC (arrived early 2016) was from China and it had many issues. We sure learnt a lot about offshore manufacturing from this first experience. It was a very powerful machine but poorly assembled and lacked a lot of the details, we had expected to come as standard. After a month of rewiring and installing missing safety measures, it was up and running. Quite quickly we realise that is was too big and too powerful for our needs, so we offered it for sale and ordered another machine from a different company in China hoping it would be more suitable.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2020 and a lot of machine fixing and tuning, to where we are now and it has become a completely different story. We can now confidently import our own machines from Taiwan. In Taiwan we employee a group of exceptionally passionate and experienced engineers that source the most reliable and cost-effective parts from around the world and build to our specifications for the local market in order to satisfy all of its demands. This means we consistently control the quality of what we import. We can then service, support and maintain all of our machines Australia wide.

The response we received was immense and overwhelming. We realised immediately that there were so many others out there struggling in our same position. The first machine found a new home almost overnight and two weeks later the new one arrived. The second machine was better but we were underwhelmed with what had arrived. So again, we got to work and immediately proceeded to fix it. This machine only took half the time of the last to get it up and running.

What we learnt was that the most difficult part of the import process was communicating our requirements to the manufactures. Often, they dealt in bulk orders at the lowest prices and paid far less attention to single purchases. This process of importing, fixing and selling continued every couple of months for several years. We took trips to meet with new manufactures. Working through new machines, new technology and new companies. We began to hone in on quality, reliability and cost. The hardest part was establishing business partners to work with overseas, we needed trustworthy contacts we could rely on.

Fast forward a few years of this process to now, 2020. Where we are now and who we work with has become a completely different story. We can now confidently import our own machines from our engineering contacts in Taiwan. We found there was no company who could supply us, we had to have our machines built for us. In Taiwan we employee a group of exceptionally passionate and experienced engineers that source the most reliable and cost-effective parts from around the world. They now build to our specifications, for our local market. This way we know we can satisfy all of our customer’s needs. This means we now control the design and quality of what we import. We now import, service and support all of these machines Australia wide!


The Facts;

  • Our machines are built tough.
  • Our machines are built to last.
  • Our machines are industrial but will maintain high accuracy.
  • Our machines can be customised for every order.
  • Our machines have locally stocked parts.
  • Our machines come with a locally supported warranty.
  • Our machines come with local technical support.

But why so cheap you ask?
Ethics, it’s all about our ethics. We still remember what it was like to be stuck and have no alternatives for growth. Always feeling that limitation and pressure to do more with less.

This is how we save you money and offer our machines at a far more competitive price without compromising on the quality, reliability, durability or service life.

We import directly to the customers. Out of the container and directly to you.

  • We build the machines from scratch
  • Wired to Australian Standard
  • All machines undergo heaps of testing and calibration
  • Engineers with over 30 years experience
  • Plug and Play option availabe – Ask us what’s this about

And finally, we do not set our margins sky-high like other importers who claim to save you money by being direct but then place large margins on their machines simply because they know the local market is limited. We only charge what we believe is a fair fee for our involvement. We also don’t need a “just in case” percentage on top of each machine. We can keep margins low because we know what we are doing and have absolute confidence in our machines, we back it up with our pricing and our warranties.

We design reliably strong machines with smart control systems that are rock solid reliable, easy to use and most importantly easy to learn. We only offer the systems we trust and use ourselves every day, we know these machines inside and out. This means you cannot encounter a problem we cannot solve!

Figtek Industry is your go-to for expert design, manufacture and import of industrial computerised machinery with local warranty, support and parts Australia wide!